A Hobby turned Money Maker

I have always loved to cook. More recently I have started baking too. For several years now I have been decorating cakes for friends and co-workers. Mostly for kids birthdays, but I enjoy just the same.

Back about the first of the year (2013) my boss (Boss Man) finally convinced me to take my cake decorating hobby and turn it into a money making hobby. We played around with several names, researched names and even polled other employees for their opinions. We finally decided on a name and it is a Sassy one at that.  The boss even had a second name tag made for me: Sassy.

I do not do this full time, but sometimes keeping up with my orders is a full-time thought process. Due to word-of-mouth and repeat customers, I have been staying very busy lately and I love it. Baking and decorating give me a creative outlet without taking too much time away from the family, house and sanity. It also generates a small very small amount of income for me to use as mad money for the proverbial rainy day.

So, from time to time, I will post pictures of some of my favorites on here for your viewing drooling pleasure.

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