Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Great Downhill Slide

20 days until school starts back...

That leaves 20 days to get all of the school supplies bought (I have a cheat on this: my mom buys the basics and I take care of the stuff they actually care about)

That leaves 20 days to get hair cuts, a few new clothes and shoes purchased and my mind wrapped around both boys going to school everyday

That leaves 20 days for me to cram in a few more trips to the park for picnics and playtime, at least one more trip to the local State Park for fish feeding and hopefully a couple of good day trips

That leaves 5 more days until our friends say good-bye and move to Kentucky

That left tonight for the last night of our VBS for the summer. We have an ice cream/ movie night tomorrow and that will be interesting to say the least.....

And all of this has left me to wonder (for the last couple of days); what am I going to do with all my time this school year??

I am going to miss lunches with L when he insists on PB&J and orange slices everyday.
I am going to miss my baby snuggles and a built in reason to take a nap most days.
I am going to miss L looking up at me and saying; "Mommy, will you sweep wiff me for all the minutes of my nap?" "Mommy, will you rub my eyes/ back?" "Mommy, please hold me while I fall asweep."
I am going to miss his enthusiasm for helping me clean the house.
I am going to miss the trips to the library for story time.
I am going to miss my babies!!

Ok, enough emotional non-sense for today.

Monday, July 7, 2014



They are cute, they are *always* hungry and they make LOTS of noise!

This summer has been filled with the following noises:
I'm hungry
I'm thirsty
I'm tired
I'm not tired
I need to go potty
Can I pee in the corner? (boys love to pee outside and they are supposed to 'hide' in the corner of the yard to do it)
I want to go outside
It's hot outside
There are bugs out here
He won't leave me alone
He won't let me sleep
He ate my _______
HE took my ________
He hit/bit/pinched/stepped on me
Is today my baseball practice/ game?
Can you rub my back?
Can you rub my eyes?
Can you tuck me in?
I didn't get a kiss and a hug

And so on...

Today, L started whining about his lack of snack having abilities (he had just finished breakfast 15 minutes before this) so I made a decision; I whined back at him. Every time he made a whining sound, I made one back at him. He DID NOT find this amusing! He got mad at me, but the whining stopped. Point made!!!

In other news:
I am slowly getting more of our boxes/stuff unpacked. I know we've lived here for almost 5 months, but I'm a procrastinator. I am also a bit of a pack rat collector of stuff. There might or might not be are some boxes in my garage that are still packed just like they were 5 years ago when we moved to our last house.
I'm not proud, but it's the truth. I am working on the problem, but as with any good 12 step program; admission is the 1st step.

Summer baseball/ T-ball is coming to an end. I am going to watch L's T-ball games tonight; it's the first time all summer I have been to one of his games. Typically I work on Monday nights, but I switched with Boss Man so I could get to at least one game since it's his first year playing. He has a double-header tonight, so it's a 2-for-1 deal. Next week is his last game. B has 2 games this week to make up for a couple of rain-outs and then his season is over as well.

I scored some good deals on some clothes for both boys the other day at the local Gap Outlet. I do LOVE that place. And its one of the few places I can find jeans for B. He is so skinny and long legged that its hard. Most jeans for children are boxy and when the adjustable waist is pulled in as far as he needs it pulled in, the jeans bunch in the butt and at the crotch. Not Gap jeans! They have a good shape to begin with, so no bunching. And to find a 7Slim, skinny cut - near to impossible! I found 2 on sale. Yay me!!!
So that means, back-to-school shopping has officially started. The boys are excited to get pick out their new school supplies and some new shoes.
And we got to find out who their teachers are for this year. We got a top-pick for B and L got a good one too. Hopefully we have a great year with both of the boys.

We had a great 4th of July. The boys stayed with J's parents for the night and we went out to dinner and fireworks with some friends. We did this last year as well. I think it needs to become out new annual summer tradition.

Last weekend, we had a good-bye BBQ for our friends that are moving to KY for his job. They leave in about 2 weeks and I get sad just thinking about it. So I try not too...
The kids had a blast playing in the sprinkler and on the slip-and-slide while all of adults enjoyed getting some time to just sit around a chat.

Well, I think pretty much catches up the last few weeks.
So until next time,